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The XLIInd board

Dear everyone,

We are very excited to introduce the XLIInd board of G.A.G. to you. With two third-years and one second-year, with lots of connections throughout all years, we are thrilled to bring you yet another great year of activities. This year, we want to focus on increasing inclusivity within our study association, and are planning to modernise our brand as an association. And of course our creative members get to have a say. Stay tuned for a surprise!

Nena Boelens (they/them) is the Chair of the XLIInd board. They will lead the weekly board meetings, the committee meetings, the GMA's, and they will oversee several committees. Apart from that, Nena will be the face of the association and make sure everything goes smoothly!

Nena can be contacted on

Iris van der List (she/her) is the Secretary of the XLIInd board. She takes minutes at meetings and oversees the online communication of the association, such as mail contact and social media posts. Iris will also oversee several committees.

Iris can be contacted on

Maddie Bakker (she/they) is the Treasurer of the XLIInd board. Maddie handles the money of the association, and is also the contact person for our sponsors. She oversees the budget and keeps in close contact with the Audit Committee. Furthermore, Maddie will also oversee several committees.

Maddie can be contacted on

The XLIInd board has weekly meetings on Thursdays.

We love a good chat and a nice coffee and/or tea. Do you? If so, we have Open Rooms every Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00-15:00 in E12.11. Drop by and say hi!


the XLIInd board of G.A.G. Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers.


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