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The XLIst board

Hello there!

We are proud to present you the XLIst board of the lovely study association G.A.G. Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers! After a global pandemic, we are incredibly glad to be back. This year, the board consists of three enthusiastic second-years, all of them super excited to make this year a good one. We won’t be doing this completely on our own of course, we have our amazing committees to help us out! They have their very own page on this website, so don’t hesitate to check them out :). Feel free to email us any questions or feedback! We hope to see you all at our fun activities this year.

Sarah Ledeboer is the chair of the XLIst board. This means that her main job is to keep everything running smoothly. She will provide all the agendas for the meetings and take care of our newsletter the FortKnight. She also supervises most of our committees.

Anne Kerkemeijer is the secretary of the XLIst board. Her main job is to provide all the minutes for the meetings. When she isn’t working on that, she takes care of the G.A.G. email! This is also where you can sign up for the association. She will also make sure that all the social media stays up-to-date.

Rushona Vlijter is the treasurer of the XLIst board. She will make sure anything related to money will be taken care of! She also takes care of all the sponsorships.

Feel free to drop by the Open Rooms on Tuesday and Thursday from 13:00 to 15:00 at E12.11. You can ask all your burning questions and above all that, enjoy a cup of tea and some biscuits!

All the love,

The XLIst board of Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers.


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